Creative work will be fundamentally changed by intelligent machines in the very near future. Complex and self-learning algorithms are significantly supporting and influencing creative work in all disciplines and along the entire value chain of the creative industries. is the subject of the research project aiXdesign.

Today, powerful tools combined with commercially available smartphones already enable amateurs to create amazingly high-quality content, which is then played out on platforms in an automated and optimized way with the help of algorithms again. In this emerging creator economy, skilled creators must redefine their place. A confusing is leading to a redefinition of what creativity actually is and by which instances creative work is generated. In the past, it was product designers and fashion designers, composers and copywriters, photographers and video producers, architects and graphic and UX designers who created forms and things - in other words, trained creatives. In the very near future, intelligent machines will play a more important role.

Artificial intelligence is becoming augmented intelligence that assists in the creation of increasingly synthetic content we all consume and use. In the process, the self-image of all players is changing.